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TaylorMade M6 D-Type Driver The M6 D-Type driver brings the same performance features found in the M6 driver into a draw-biased, easy-to-launch package. TaylorMade engineers have utilised a combination of technologies to create a significant amount of draw bias to help golfers prevent a right miss. The key feature is the optical engineering that creates a high-contrast topline masking configured to make the face angle appear more open than the actual face angle, resulting in the golfer returning a more closed face at impact. In addition, the centre of gravity is moved slightly toward the heel to further aid in delivering a square clubface to the golf ball. The combination of these features provides the M6 D-Type driver up to 20 yards more draw bias than the standard M6 driver. TG Verdict TaylorMade's first D-Type driver (M2) convinced TG's Equipment Ed Simon to try a draw model for the rst time, and he's still using a draw driver today. It's not because he hits a vicious slice, either, but more because his mishits often come from the heel side of centre. We love how the D-Type doesn't sit closed, or scream "slice- buster", so it doesn't make you feel less of a golfer.