Spot the Golf Ball

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the concept behind Spot The Golf Ball

Hi my name is David Huggins, I am the founder of the website Spot the Golfball.

I started playing golf at an early age, and actually got quite good at it. But in my late teens I stopped playing for almost 12 years. I became more interested in going out to bars and chasing girls. After a bout of depression in my 30's my father coaxed me back to the game, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Getting out in the fresh air, exercising and meeting new people. The return to golf basically changed my life.

The idea for the website came about in early 2015. Myself and a few friend were discussing running a competition on a Saturday, along side the usual 2's competition. Giving everyone the chance to win some golfing goodies. Some of my favourite days playing the game, were our clubs Captains and Members day. As along with the competition prize money. You were able to win golfing equipment as well. On these 2 special days in the year. This gave the whole golf club a chance to win something, and not just the usual suspects. Those guys and girls who were proficient at the game, who were basically winning every week. My father a 28 handicapper at the time won a Callaway bag, for closest to the 100 yard marker on a par 4. It was probably abit of a miss hit, to be honest. But on winning the prize made him feel special.

This was the reason for creating the website, to give the average golfer a chance at owning some of those coveted golf prizes. From I started playing the game, over 30 years ago. The golf market has expanded massively, and continues to grow year-on-year.

So at the start of 2017 I started to build the website. To be honest it hasn't been easy, and we are not quite finished yet . But our online launch date is set for the 3rd of June, and I am certain we will be up and running by then.

You will be exhibiting at this year's Scottish Golf Show at the SEC what can we expect to see from you at the show?
We are honnered to be taking part in the Scottish golf show, especially as Scotland is the home of golf. And is the largest consumer golf show in Europe. Our aim is to give golfers a sneek peek at the up and comming website. Explaining the concept and how it works. We will be running a special competition, over the weekend. Offering prizes from big brands -Titleist, Garmin, and Callaway. The price for entry will be just £2. And there will be a guaranteed winner at the end of the show.
Spot The Ball is a common theme and one many of us will be well aware of what makes your version unique?
Yes I do agree that many of yous will remember the old football pools. My father used to play it. Spending hours drawing hundreds of x's, in the hope of finding the exact middle of the ball. Consequently not may people ended up winning the big prize. The main differences with regard to the Spot the Golfball website, is that we have an interactive website. Unlike the that spot the ball of old. You can make your selections with just a few simple clicks. And the most unique thing about us, is that there is a guarenteed winner every week. So the person who's pick is the closest will win the prize they selected.
What would be available for winners of the game? How often will the competitions be running?
We will be running a competition every week online from the 3rd of June. At the Scottish golf show we will be offering 12 different prizes. Once the website is finished and launched online, we are hoping to offer our players 100's of prizes. We are going to use our time at the show to do some networking. Hopefully we can get some of the big brands on board. And be able to offer our player some of the more expensive items. As stated earlier the website was designed to be a bit of fun, so entry for our prizes will start from just £2
When will the first games be ready how can we find out more?
We have just run our first ever competition at the Irish golf Expo in Belfast. And I would like to say congratulations to Arlene Ferguson from Greenacres Golf Club. Who was our first ever winner, and bagged herself a Scotty Cameron putter. Our next competition will be held at the Scottish Golf Show, followed by the weekly online competitions. Starting June 3rd this year.
Do you have to be a certain age to play or is it open to everyone?
Legally the is no age limit required to enter our competition. But ethically we have decided to reserve entry to players of 16 and over. As stated earlier, we want this website to be run in good spirits. It is not our interests, to encourage our younger members to be parting with their money.
How much does it cost to take part is there an on-going subscription fee?
There are no subscription fees, or any hidden costs. Simply prizes start from just £2. Kind regards,
David Huggins, Director of Spot the Golfball
David Huggins, Director of Spot the Golfball
David Huggins